Rushan city hualong biological technology co., LTD,Was established2012Years。Companies mainly engaged in peanut peptide、Soybean peptides、Corn peptide、Collagen peptide active peptide research and development, etc、Production and sales。
Company active peptide project total investment1.5One hundred million yuan,.now there200Tons、1500Tons of protein peptide production line two。Production line equipment is made up of the United States、Germany、Japan and some domestic manufacturer of high-end custom-made,Can realize the stable and efficient production of all kinds of protein peptide,Is the active peptide in size in production in China、The process of the leading enterprises。
A company with r&d center,Building area of1000Square meters of research and development center,With high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)、Amino acid analyzer、Ultraviolet fluorescence photometer、Near infrared detector、Atomic absorption spectroscopy、Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer and other advanced scientific instruments of instruments and equipment60余台(Sets)。The accumulative total investment800More than ten thousand yuan。......

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